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Commonly Requested Permits

Permit Applications

THE PERMITS ABOVE ARE REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS ON VACANT LAND. They must be submitted, reviewed, and approved by the Township before any Zoning and Building Permits are issued and construction can start. Additional information may be required by the Township and/or third-party inspectors.

Some of these permits may be required for commercial and residential properties with existing structures. Specific inquiries can be directed to

Zoning Permits

In accordance to Springfield Township Zoning Ordinance, a Zoning Permit is required prior to the erection, construction, reconstruction, extension, moving, razing, or alteration of any building, structure, or portion thereof, and prior to the use or change in use of a building or land and prior to the change or extension of a nonconforming use.  A “structure” is defined as: a combination of materials assembled, constructed or erected at a fixed location, the use of which requires location on the ground or attachment to something having location on the ground. A Zoning Permit Application is required for projects including, but not limited to; fences, signs, patios and a change in use such as a home occupation.

Building Permits

Generally, a Building Permit is required for any residential new construction, addition, or alteration. Any new residential structures or additions require stamped building plans. Accessory buildings over 1000sqft also require stamped building plans. A Building permit is also required for any and all Non-residential construction, alteration or change of use. Building Permit must be accompanied by 1 set of detailed construction drawings and 1 digital copy. All non-residential construction plans are required (by Commonwealth Law) to be prepared by a licensed designer (Architect and Professional Engineer.)

Well Permits

Issued by the Bucks County Health Department. Call 215-529-7000 for application guidelines.

On-Lot Sewage

Also referred to as septic system permit. Issued by the Bucks County Health Department.

Call 215-529-7000 for application guidelines

Erosion & Sediment Control

For a project that has over 1000 sq. ft. of earth disturbance you must apply for an Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan.

Issued by the Bucks County Conservation District.

Call 215-345-7577 or visit for application guidelines.

Driveway permit

On a township road, use this Road Opening Application. Please be sure to have the proposed driveway staked prior to applying.

On a state road, obtain a highway occupancy permit from PennDOT. Call 610-205-6726 or visit

Stormwater Management

Visit our Subdivisions & Stormwater page for detailed information & application process.